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    After choosing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution, maximizing your return on investment requires a team of proven EMR builders/Analyst to ensure that the process goes smoothly, and you have effective systems in place to support your healthcare organization's growth. 

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    Training your entire organization can be daunting. That's why we are here! With our unparalallel experienced, clinically trained, and highly skilled consultants, there is no better team to ensure that your staff receives the highest level of education while maintaining a friendly education environment.

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    After a successful implementation, the weeks and months following are essential to realiazing the full potential and financial benefits of your new EMR system. We collaborate with your organization as closely as possible to increase efficiency and decrease loss of time and revenue.


Performance Driven. Detail-Oriented. Proven Expertise.

“Our Customer Satisfaction is Defined by Meaningful and Assured Outcomes ”


What Makes Us Great!

Our motto: "Keep it simple, get it done."

Vocxy EMR Solutions is company of healthcare IT certified professionals that helps healtcare organization advance the continuum of patient care through the adoption of EMR software. 

We are small group of certified consultants with more than 204 years of experience combined as a team in the EMR industry.  After years of working side by side as EMR consultants with the biggest health care network providers, we decided to join forces and provide our hands-on expertise directly into the customer, healthcare organizations.  

Our team has built a trusted reputation on being efficient, flexible, and most of all, knowledgable on the possible ways to customize EMR software in order to meet each organization needs. We are commited to play a major role on improving patient care through the use of technology and improve healtcare delivery by providing world-class EMR implementation solutions. Consequentely, this has become our highest priority and the core of our business. 

Our expertise and experience withing the EMR platforms is proven to achieve consistenly higher rates of end-user adoption, patient satisfaction, and revenue preservation. We take pride in a track record of success that made us come together as a team and a trusted partner for clients who value our in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience, and relationship-based approach to doing business. 


Why Us?

Our greatest priority is to make our customers succeed. We firmly believe that having access to the best EMR consultants in the industry should be more easily accessible to healthcare organizations without assuming the risk of third parties recruiting companies claiming they have the best resources available in the market. When in reality they are just picking from the same pile as every one else. 

Our team has achieved great success through one of our unique standards - we are a close-ended group.  

We are not an active recruiting company. We do not rely on resumes to determine knowledge and expertise of group members. Our consultants are among the oldest consultants in the market that started back in 2005 when the EMR software movement began. We understand a Word document can hold whatever you type on it, that's why we only accept new members that can successfully pass our 3-part proprietary enrollment process which can only be passed if you have the expertise in the EMR market.

During the last 5 years we have only welcomed 1% of all applicants to our team. That's just one way we make sure we have the best of the best for our clients. We are extremely proud of the EMR consultants who are part of this wonderful team.  


What We Do Best

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    Pre-Planning and Deployment

    So, your organization just made a huge investment acquiring an EMR software. Now what's next? Us! Our team has been responsible for the success of many leading healthcare organization across USA meaning we are ready and able to customize a tailored implementation plan on your new EMR system. Our highly-skilled specialists provide your organization with the expertise required to hit the ground running from day zero and  ensuring it is beign deployed correctly... the very first time!


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    Project Management 

    The level of expertise leading your EMR implementation will dramatically impact the success of your EMR system and bottom line. Our team ensures that impact is on the positive side.  Our project managers have vast experience leading the pack during EMR implementation and posses the leadership skills necessary to manage complex projects. With our EMR specialist project managers you benefit from a seamless coordination of people and resources while keeping budgest and timelines in check and achieving all implementation goals. 


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    Build Configuration

    Better known as the backbone of EMR systems, we understand the importance  of successfully built a system that can support and hold the growth of our clients. We believe true transformation happens through better technology and proper configuration, backed by processes and personnel to sustain it long term. Our team extensive build exeprience understand various best practices for configuring the system to best meet your needs. We excell at system integrations, interface development, and legacy system transition planing. 


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    Staff Training

    Its vital to empower your staff with the right knowledge they need to succeed at their roles. A truly successful implementation requires dedicated certified specialist focused on training your staff in each EMR application. Our certified training team have the righ experience and patient to train user at all skill levels. We begin with identifying and developing training resources (including MST build) all the way to prepare the facility and internal trainers for ongoing training.

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    Go-Live Planning & Support

    Having a smooth go-live rollout is all about planning in advance and having the right resources in place to support your staff when needed the most. Our highly skilled and certfied team makes the EMR transition efficient and effective. With our strategy you can shorten timeliness, decrease support cost and increase productivity. 

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    Post Optimization

    There is always room to give your staff more and better tools to improve patient care, workflow, and your bottom line. Our team with proven operational expertise evaluate your organization's clinical workflows and configurations to understand where you are. We then provide a step-by-step road map to gradually optimize your system.   


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    Worked Hours

    Expertise does not come without hard work. We are a dedicated team of consultants pursuing perfection. 

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    Cups of Coffee

    Yes! We've counted them! We even have a tracking board. It's one way we have fun as a team.

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    Charity Donations

    Sharing is caring. We are big fans on movements for a cause. We have contirbuted to over 14+ different charities.

Our Clients

Our Most Successful Implementations

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Vocxy EMR Solutions' website. I am very excited about the incredible opportunity that our team has to improve the EMR adoption experience essential to the vitality of patient care and to the personal lives of millions of people."

Concepcion Guzman, MSIS, MCITP
Vocxy EMR Solutions - Founder & CEO


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • “Concepcion and his team have been an extreme pleasure to work with! they immediately adds values to every project they have work on. My clients show extreme delight on their work ethics, their ability to grasp their long term goals, and their level of expertise. I would highly recommend Vocxy EMR Solutions for future projects and hope to work together on many projects down the road.”


    Adam Cross, Regional Director of The CSI Companies

  • "Concepcion became a teacher, counselor, psychologist, mentor, and friend to me, many other orthopedic surgeons, and our support staff of nurses, therapists, and assistants, who struggled through a stressful process together with the goal of improving patient care in Southwest Michigan. I thank you, Concepcion, and his company for assisting myself and the rest of Bronson’s staff toward reaching our goal of “one patient, one record."


    Bernard A. Roehr, MD
    Chief of Staff of Bronson Medical Center

  • “We have the opportunity to partner with Vocxy EMR Solutions for one of our biggest clients and we cannot be more proud of the decision. This team is phenomenal. They join our team and hit the ground running in no time. As a team, we were able to take on a monumental task of combining 3 systems into one successfully. We would not had been able to without their assistance. They are my go-to company for EMR implementations.”


    Francisco Gomez, CEO of FG Innovative

EMR Systems We Love Implementing

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